History Guided Tour - Virginie Jandet - 1

Major Hero of the French and American Revolution, the Marquis of La Fayette embodies ideals of action and freedom.

Region: Paris
Guide: Ange

Fascinating guided tour in the most impressive medieval city of europe. Listed world heritage by UNESCO since 1997 Carcassonne is the historical place to visit in the south of France.

During the 14th century, few fairs are organized in the city centre of Lyon, the current old town, thanks to royal privileges.

Thanks to the presence of the Basilica, the hill of Fourvière is ormai dedicated to catholic religion.

At the meeting point between the Rhone and the Saone rivers, this particular piece of land was one time the harbour of Lyon and an unwealthy district welcoming prisons, industries, gas plant, wharh

During few centuries, Lyon was the capital city of the silk weaving in Europe.

From the foundation of the gallo-roman colony in 43 BC to the French Revolution, I propose you a discover of 18 centuries of history.

Time travel through 2600 years of history, see the majestic fortress of Carcassonne, biggest one in Europe, with its 3 ramparts dating back from roman times and middle ages.

In 1670, King Louis XIV decided to build the "Hôtel Royal des Invalides" for wounded homeless soldiers of its different wars.

Region: Paris
Guide: Ange