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Run your own virtual Agency and let your imagination take control by creating your own personalized History Tours, dedicated to a premium clientele. It's up to you to decide which price is your price!

Questions & Answers :

1. Is it really free to register? YES! It is absolutely free to join and to sell with our Booking Service! History Guided Tours takes care of the moderation, the worldwide promotion of your Tours, reaching of new Clients and securing your data and pictures.

2. How do I open my Agency? That’s easy! Click here to register and fill your public profile with text and pictures. Once done, go to your "Agency" tab and create as much Tours as you want. You can start selling!

3. How to completely unregister from the website? You will find a button "Deactivate my account" at the bottom right corner on the page "Edit my private profile". This will remove your profile from the website.

4. What are appreciations? Appreciations can be written only when Tours have been proceeded. This is the best way for Clients to determine who are the most popular and serious Guides.

5. Can a Tour agency create a profile on the website? No. The website is only dedicated to Private Guides who propose their own Tours, to allow them to be directly in touch with their Clients.

6. I still have a question… Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at!