This tour could be called : "Architecture and the secret of the "traboules".

Guide: Mari

Let's discover together the main districts of the city!

The tour will start on the top of the hill of Fourvière with its very nice view of the city and the basilica from the late 1800s.

Guide: Mari

For years, Lille was France's best-kept secret till the TGV and Eurostar came to the region.

Region: Northern France
Guide: Christine

112 €

Come in "French Roma"!! You will travel in time with this city which is more than 2000 years old.

117 €

Discover the Little Roma of Gauls which was so appreciate by the emperor Constantin during the 4st century.

Region: Provence
Guide: Soizic MICHEL

Paris became capital of France in the VIth century. The Kings of France settled there their residences and wanted to show their power within the city.

Region: Paris
Guide: Marouane

Discover The jewish Marais in the city center of Paris+ a synagogue (if allowed depending on safety) + the Jewish Art and Culture Museum (MAHJ) : history of Jews in medieval France, culture, speci

Region: Paris
Guide: LULLY

Henri IV, so called "the good king" or "the green gallant", first king of Navarre became king of france and moreover the first of the bourbon's house.

Region: Paris
Guide: Caroline
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