Exceptional Cistercian building from the 13th century in the heart of the Latin Quarter.

A day in Carcassonne is a time travel, including breathtaking panoramic views of the medieval city and Bastide Saint-Louis.

Feel the magic of the medieval city! Enlightened ramparts, romantic alleys, extraordinary history...The town offers to you, out of time.
From 6PM in winter, 9PM in summer

Fascinating guided tour in the most impressive medieval city of europe. Listed world heritage by UNESCO since 1997 Carcassonne is the historical place to visit in the south of France.

From the foundation of the gallo-roman colony in 43 BC to the French Revolution, I propose you a discover of 18 centuries of history.

During the 14th century, few fairs are organized in the city centre of Lyon, the current old town, thanks to royal privileges.

Let me introduce you the striking history of Catharism and Albigenses Crusade, Inquisition, French Crown and medieval wars and way of life.

“The true home of kings, the house of ages”
(Napoleon in Saint Helena, August 1816)

Walking through the Ile de la Cité is an important part of the history of Paris.

Region: Paris
Guide: balades2L

The Sainte Chapelle was commissioned by Saint Louis in the XIIIth century to host the authentic holy relics of the Passion of Jesus Christ.

Region: Paris
Guide: balades2L
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