Ce titre attribué à Lyon souligne le rôle fondamental de la ville dans la Résistance. La ville a en effet concentré pendant un temps ses commandements.

This title attributed to Lyon underlines the fundamental part of the city in the Resistance. The city has indeed concentrated for a time its commandments.

Fascinating guided tour in the most impressive medieval city of europe. Listed world heritage by UNESCO since 1997 Carcassonne is the historical place to visit in the south of France.

At the meeting point between the Rhone and the Saone rivers, this particular piece of land was one time the harbour of Lyon and an unwealthy district welcoming prisons, industries, gas plant, wharh

Let me introduce you the striking history of Catharism and Albigenses Crusade, Inquisition, French Crown and medieval wars and way of life.

Let's discover the district where the resistants used to work and those where events took place during the years of the WW2.

Guide: Mari

From the 14th of June 1940 to the 25th of August 1944. Paris is occupied by the Germans. Nazi flags are on the top of famous Parisian monuments like Eiffel tower or Opera Garnier.

Region: Paris
Guide: Ange
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