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Versailles is a unique and magical historical place in the world. The most magnificent Palace in Europe is located in the city which was created centuries ago by the greatest King of France, Louis XIV.
Versailles was also the place where the greatest Queen of France in the whole French History used to live. It was the Queen Marie-Antoinette. On one hand, she was the only Queen who fully experienced the splendour and luxury of Versailles. On the other hand, she was the only Queen who became greatly unpopular, hated and sentenced to death by French people.

Both Versailles and Marie Antoinette are now recognised as inseparable. The whole Estate of Versailles, including the magnificent Palace, highly reflects her desires. Inside the Palace, the Big Apartments perfectly display the Absolute Monarchy and its strict rules and the private Estate of the Queen, now named the Estate of Marie-Antoinette, is characterised by a feminine, refined and intimate atmosphere.

Located at 20 minutes away from the great Palace by foot, the Estate of Marie Antoinette will show you the world in which Marie Antoinette used to live. Contemporaries have qualified her as Queen of Fashion. She was indeed very extravagant and frivolous. The Petit Trianon became her favourite palace after being renovated and the Queen’s Hamlet, which was built on her request, represented the place of all the pleasures.

During an exclusive visit away from the crowd, you will discover amazing places located behind the Garden of Versailles in addition to learning more about the incredible life of Marie Antoinette. You will be picked up at the location of your choice by a qualified Guide who will then drive you to the Estate of Marie-Antoinette in order to show this unique place and bring you back into the past.

I. Description

For this private visit, we will offer you special treatments. The Guide will pick you up at the location of your choice (hotel, airport...) and you will be driven to the Estate of Marie Antoinette by car. Once you arrive, the visit will start and it will take place in a constant friendly and pleasant atmosphere.

You will first discover the Petit Trianon. It is a palace small by its size but beautifully redesigned by Marie Antoinette thanks to her refined and elegant style. Through history and unknown stories you will be told, you will get to know Marie Antoinette, the Queen of Fashion who created her own style with dresses, accessories and extravagant haircuts. With her fashion friend, Rose Bertin, she was at the origin of a new fashion code which was not only designed for her but also for French and European high society.

Your Guide will then show you the Garden of the Petit Trianon which will include the visit of “the Theatre of the Queen”. The Theatre represents one of the most beautiful historical theatres that you will ever see. This part of the visit will enable you to discover a new and often unknown aspect of her personality: Marie Antoinette, the Actress. She was passionate about shows and unlikely any other Queens of France, Marie Antoinette used to perform on stage.

You will carry on your visit with the discovery of the English garden. The garden aimed to demonstrate a succession of natural landscapes with a Grotto, a Lake and an artificial River. The concept of such a garden completely differs from the Garden of the King (a French garden), located a few minutes away and characterised by a strict structure.
In the English garden, you will also be shown the Temple of Love, where many lovers get engaged, the Belvedere, an eight-sided bandstand designed for playing and listing to music, and the Rock sculpted into a stone.

After the visit of the garden, you will discover the Queen’s Hamlet. Inspired by the natural and simple environment where Marie Antoinette grew up, she ordered the construction of a country house: her Hamlet. This led to the building of different houses. The Farm of the Queen was built where all sorts of animals could be found. The Farm included different annexes: a Barn, a Dovecote, a Mill and a Preparation Dairy. Other houses were built and were purely reserved for the use of the Queen and her guests, including the Queen’s House, Billiard Room and Boudoir.

Your last stop will be the “Cour des Senteurs” which will allow you to discover the perfum’s history and to know why French court was named “the Perfumed Court” after Marie Antoinette’s arrival. The softness of the favourite flowers of Marie Antoinette and the amazing smell of different perfumes will take you into a charming and unforgettable world.

When you visit ends, your Guide will drive you back to the place you wish.

Further information
The price includes:
• Qualified Guide. You will have only one guide and you will not be sent to different guides as it is usually the case in tour operators. It is a customised, friendly and high-quality service we offer you.
• Private transport (return) by car.
• Priority access tickets to the Estate of Marie-Antoinette.
• Booking of your lunch with a customised welcome inside the Le Nôtre restaurant, located at 100m from the Palace in option.
Want more?

If you like the visit and wish to discover more, you can choose among the suggested visits in Options.
The price does not include:

• Food and drinks.
• Option to visit other places not including in the visit.
• Tips (optional).
Important notes
• The booking of your visit will be confirmed within 24 hours.
• The visit is accessible for people in wheelchairs.
• No food is allowed inside any buildings. (éléments en rouge à verifier)
• Pushchairs are not allowed inside any buildings.
• Animals are not allowed inside the Estate of Marie Antoinette.
• Tripods are not allowed inside any buildings.
• Adults:
• Kids:
Days of the visit: from Tuesday to Friday from 12 to 6pm.
Length of the visit: 3 hours
Visit available in: French, English and Russian
Number of people: 2 (minimum) to 20 (maximum)
Location: Versailles, France