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Imagine Tours Supported by the regional Provence-Alpes-Cotes d'Azur Government, Imagine Tours is a not-for-profit association dedicated to promote Provence & Greater Occitania. We provide assitance and advice to to vistors, organize or support various cultural events in the region, and equally propose personalized & cultural excursions with our volunteer guides that are designed by the visitor and that one to discover the true heart of Provence and Occitania in English, French, Spanish and Occitan. Our visits are all unique and adapted to each individual or group on diverse subjects: landscapes and Heritage, Legends and Castles, Tastings at and Discoveries of the vineyards and Provençal markets, Art, literature, Crafts, Folklore and the Provençal, Occitan and Roman Cultures. In order to achieve its mission, the association proposes services in five different areas: 1) Excursions: We organize excursions for visitors with our volunteer guides as to finance the other four activities which are no charge; 2) Assitance: We assist visitors to plan their stay and to help those who are in destress; 3) Solidarity: We help our local members and partners by providing each other out with services such as legal, printing, employment, etc. 4) Cultural: We organize, inform, finance and participate in various events during the year (festivals, our radio station ''Radio Coupo Santo, etc.); 5) Education: We inform and support educational programs that teach others about the rich history of our region, such as our new project of a bilingual (Occitan-French) school for children.
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History Guided Tour - webmaster
History Guided Tour - webmaster